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Our highly trained, professional, experienced technicians provide the highest quality piano tuning, repairs and restoration

Tuning Your Piano Is An Essential  Part Of Piano Ownership

Pianos are very sensitive instruments, and constantly changing humidity and temperatures can quickly cause them to be out of tune. By tuning your piano regularly, you can prevent damage and maintain the value of your instrument.

A piano also needs periodic maintenance and adjustments to return the action to original specifications. This process, called regulation, increases the dynamic range and playability of the instrument. 

Voicing, which manipulates the hammer felt, changes the tone and timbre of the instrument. The sound of the piano will be more beautiful and expressive allowing you to enjoy your music and feel like you are a part of the instrument!

Need a new set of keytops? High-quality German keytops, custom fitted to your piano, solves the issue of faded, yellowed or chipped keys. Replace your worn out keytops and restore the look of your piano’s keyboard.  

Dampp-Chaser Humidity Control System

The most efficient way to protect your piano and investment is to have a 
Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System installed on your piano. 

Most often it is a lack of humidity, not an excess, that is the cause of piano damage. Pianos, like other fine instruments, require humidity levels of approx 45%. 
Your piano's health is dependent on a robust moisture content
 being present at all times. 

A Piano Life Saver manufactured by Dammp-Chaser is recommended. 
This system is self contained and regulates both dry and moist conditions. 
We cannot over stress the importance of the proper amount of humidity 
with regards to the health of your piano. 

Do not wait until the effects of low humidity damage your investment;  Be Proactive, Call Today

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