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The QRS PNOmation3 player system transforms any piano into a wireless smart home entertainment device. Listen to beautiful piano music, anytime you want, produced live at your piano. 
An i​ncluded speaker gives you vocal and instrumental accompaniment.

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QRS Automation Parts

Our product expertise and custom installation services are second to none. LaPorte Piano is a premier dealer
Serving southern New England's digital player piano needs since 2002.    

Our factory trained technicians offer unparalleled service using only genuine premium parts.   

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What Is Pnomation3?

Wi-Fi Direct - There is no internet connection required
Log on as if it is on StandAlone mode, great for Wi-Fi Client Setup, loss of internet and any other access without an internet connection

Wi-Fi Network Client 
The benefits of being a client on your network
Access multiple players on a network, auto updates, auto PNOcloud and PNOmation Cloud backups, ease of access, Smart home Integration, Apple watch and access to exclusive content. Works simultaneously with the Wi-Fi direct mode.

QRS Piano Controller

The PNOscan is an available option that can be installed with a PNOmation system or as a stand alone unit on most pianos.  The PNOscan converts the analog movement of the keys and pedals  to a MIDI output.  This output can then be recorded or used to connect with on-line teaching resources.  Because the PNOscan unit uses infrared technology, there is no interference with the piano action.

Alexa and google home

With the addition of the Alexa and Google Home within the PNOmation program, you can now control the piano with simple voice commands.  This eliminates the need to find a WIFI device to access the piano.  The Alexa and Google Home options are only available with the PNOmation system.  No other player system uses the Alexa and Google Home voice command.

Upgrade to pnomation3

Get rid of the clutter of CD’s or Floppy disks along with the bulkiness of the front control box. The PNOmation3 is an all-inclusive slim, sleek device mounted under the piano for the cleanest look achievable. This system provides an expansive library filled with endless choices, a WiFi Adaptor, Bluetooth capablities and the ability to create custom playlists. Your upgraded ​PNOmation3 Piano System will open a world of music and color for you to experience and enjoy.

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