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Prequalification FAQs

Will this application affect my credit score?
No, this application only performs a "soft pull" which doesn't impact your credit score. If you decide to proceed to a full application, the finance company will perform a full credit check as is typical when applying for credit.

What response will I receive from this application?
Once you complete this application, you'll receive one of two responses:

•Offer: The automated system calculates that you will likely qualify for financing based on the information you provided. Note: The dollar amount which accompanies this offer is an arbitrary number set by the automated system and doesn't reflect the actual maximum dollar amount you will be able to finance.

•No Offer: The automated system is unable to issue you a prequalification offer based on the information you provided. This can be due to a variety of reasons:

The system requires open access to your TransUnion credit profile. If you have frozen your TransUnion credit report, the system will be unable to prequalify you.

You may have limited or derogatory credit which impacts the system's ability to prequalify you. You may still be able to qualify by completing the full application with a co-applicant with established credit.
Neither response is final. In either case you may complete the full application for a final decision if desired.

What is your merchant ID #?
Our Merchant ID # is 1595

What's next? How do I complete the full financing application?
Our sales staff will contact you once you receive a prequalification decision with instructions to continue the application process.

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