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Delightful Captivating Entertainment

Imagine your piano performing for you anytime you wish


From Billy Joel to Beethoven

From Lion King to Carol King

From James Taylor to Jersey Boys


Whatever your favorite genre, a player piano system designed by QRS or PianoDisc will enhance any d├ęcor and listening environment, allowing  you to converse with guests, listen while reading and create customizable playlists from a variety of artists.


These systems can be installed on virtually all Grand and Vertical Pianos including those made by Steinway & Sons, Yamaha, Mason & Hamlin, Kawai, Baldwin, Young Chang, Samick, Beckstein, Schimmel and many other manufacturers.


As factory trained and certified PianoDisc and QRS Pianomation installers, LaPorte Piano is able to retrofit a player system to almost any modern piano.  The newest technology utilizes your personal computer device to control the player piano system.


Available options include a MIDI recording system as well as a Silent Practice System.



A Digital Player Piano System from QRS Music Technology or PianoDisc Provides the Best Player Piano Experience


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