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Founded in 2002, LaPorte Piano quickly became Eastern Connecticut's Premier Piano Service Company.  Located in our 5300 square foot state of the art facility, we offer complete rebuilding, re-conditioning and re-manufacturing services.


In 2007, we became Certified  PianoDisc and QRS Piano System installers. Installing 40-60 systems per year, we are Connecticut's largest digital player piano installers.


In 2014, LaPorte Piano completed rigorous training to become a Licensed and Certified Installer for Wessel, Nickel and Gross high performance action products.  With less than 100  Certified Installers currently in the United States, we are excited with the opportunity this presents to our clients.  Combining the Wessel, Nickel and Gross action parts with our advanced action geometry protocol and CAD design software, our re-manufactured grand piano actions are built to our customers exacting specifications, often times exceeding the original manufacturers design specifications.





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