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PianoDisc has been the world leader in modern player piano systems since 1988. With a stellar reputation and one of the most acclaimed and expansive music libraries in the industry, PianoDisc has delighted piano music lovers for generations.

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Our product expertise and custom installation services are second to none. LaPorte Piano is a premier dealer
Serving southern New England's digital player piano needs since 2002.    

Our factory trained technicians offer unparalleled service using only genuine premium parts.   

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What Is Pia​noDisc?

Imagine, the masterful and moving performances of the world’s top musicians, recreated and played back perfectly on your piano. With over 1,024 levels of dynamic expression and a high-resolution system that plays up to a nanosecond of expression and sensitivity, PianoDisc is the world’s leading player piano system. Every nuance and intricacy expressed by the original artist—from the loudest fortissimo to the softest pianissimo—is perfectly captured and replicated on your piano

Prodigy Controller

Prodigy is the culmination of everything PianoDisc strives for—the absolute best piano player, powered by cutting-edge technology, with a simple, streamlined experience just for you. All in an invisible package. Prodigy combines PianoDisc’s innovative SilentDrive HD technology and iQ’s High Resolution software with over 1,024 levels of expression into one box. No wires, no fuss. More ways to connect. With Bluetooth, Analog, MIDI 5-pin DIN, USB and Bluetooth MIDI, Prodigy gives you more ways to connect to your piano than ever before.

Prodigy Controller
Iq Player app

The new and improved Android and iOS iQ Player App comes with hundreds of songs in every genre, and gives you more precise control of playback and better performance than ever before. Simply download new music to your device within the app and control your piano from any bluetooth phone or tablet.

Prodigy Controller

Transform your piano into a recording studio. ProRecord X elevates the musician’s experience to a whole new level of freedom and exploration. Made by musicians for musicians, PianoDisc ProRecord X combines the classic, enriching experience of playing a genuine acoustic piano with the best modern capabilities. Featuring an outstanding, non-contact, optical system, ProRecord X allows the artist to capture, record, and reproduce any song played, or even silence the piano altogether with optional QuietTime technology. ​Use this as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with the Prodigy system.

Prodigy Controller
Upgrade to Prodigy

PianoDisc’s Player Piano Systems are the finest in the industry. With the newly improved App and CPU, the IQ Prodigy gives you the best experience for your PianoDisc System. Get rid of the clutter of CD’s or Floppy disks along with the bulkiness of the front control box. The IQ Prodigy is a slim, sleek device mounted under the piano for the cleanest look achievable. This system provides an expansive library filled with endless choices. Your upgraded PianoDisc Player Piano System will open a world of music and color for you to experience and enjoy.

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